Types Of Dead Cells In Human Body, That’s Still Functioning.

What Types of Dead Cells in Human Body That’s Still Functioning?

After Robert Hooke discovered the Cells in the living things, then we came to know that we the living things were emerging from the tiny single particles to the large body structures.

There are millions of  cells in human body that are functioning well  constructed the body structures. They are like the bricks in the walls constructing the building. Millions of cells body functioning different type of system and forming a tissues, organs, body parts, etc.

Can you imagined it has been millions of cells dying every seconds of your life and millions pof cells giving births to the new baby cells within a seconds. Sound that we all individually blind, cannot see that cells gave birth and dying in our body. But it is interestingly to knows.

Why we needs to take bath almost every day in our life?

You might have thought and question yourself like that, but so simple it is only because the death cells decomposed  as a waste materials and releasing to the top floor of our skins, so our skins became sweat and oily.

You know some of the death cells are still useful for us. During ancient time human are living like a wild animals. At that time these death cells are very useful and protecting them from the endanger things. Even now in some plants and animals are still usable.

Here are some of these death cells are still usable:

  • Hair cells are almost covered the animal’s body, protecting them from the atmospherics temperature, skin’s sunburn, skin disease.
  • Nail cells are helpful for animals to protects from monster attacking them and it helps them to plucking foods.
  • Teeth and bones cells it is also help the animals for chewing a foods, biting things, etc. Bone are helping them to support the body structure.
  • Horns cells are found in some animals only which helping them to protect from attacking from monster enemy.
  • Mucus cells are present in the lining tube like inside our nose tube which sticking to protecting the entering of small particles inside our body.
  • Tears cells are present in the eyes which help to protect the eyes from drying and help to protect from bacteria to capture the eyes.
  • Urine cells are protecting from the stinging of insects. By applying the urine at the infected area it neutralized the sting acids.

Living Cells that are not been Useful.

Some sort of cells or organs which are not been useful but still it is present in our body. You will find it is still attaching with your body but failed to work at some point, these organs are given below:

  • Appendix, on ancient time it has  used to digest herbivorous food but now it is not so important for the body function.
  • Tail Bone, on ancient time it has  considered as a tail when human being was belief that coming from kingdom of Apes.
  • Ear Cartilage, during ancient period it has used to move sideward for hearing sound from different direction.

Many more un-useful tissues are also still present in our body but  we know  some of these body organs are not functioning any more, even it is a part of our body. These organs were started ignoring by our body because due to the changing of the living style of the human from time to time.

Who knows, one day we might not need to walks by foot and work by hands. Our body will stop the  movements functioning system.  As now we all know that human try to develop a technology generate robotic machine system to performs instead human works.


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