How Did Hacker Trace The Account Password?

What do you know about Hacker?

Hacker means those people who can crack the account security of someone unknowingly, by using computer coding system or computer matrices code to unlock the password is called hacker.

In this modern era people all around the world are using cell phone especially smart phone. It is the personal and the smallest computer  on their hands. It is designing in the form of computer processing software only. Some of it designed by java, C/C++,html, php,and Linux etc.

From the combination of all power of the coding system now formed the soft-core, androids, python,Microsoft windows.

Base on the different coding system and operating system, hacker came to know how to design different types of Spam ware and it is known as Viruses in the computer.

These Viruses design in such away that it can break down the following combination of coded system of the computer and occupied itself the space down there in between. And sending all the file, information to the hacker.

It also harm the operating system by converting it into un-recognize information to the system. Some time through this spam ware/viruses hacker can screw the information  from that source of computer to their own computer by mail information.

Once they get all the information they can easily crackdown the security code and login. Now the control is on their own hands. Their computer and that source of computer are inter connected of its core panel.

Some time you might have seen that in every sign up page you have been asked to create a passwords with the alphabetic combination of numeric and symbolic, in more than eight characters. This is used to prevent your login password from the hacker to easily crackdown your password. Also there is a security question aking for you during sign up.

In another way why people used Apple company? Why it is so costly as compared to other computers?

Apple company mostly made up of Linux software with high performance of security, from the attacker (hacker) so it is not only a branded company but its also more safety for the user. Linux is an advance function of coding system in the computer from now on, it is more difficult to attacker to crack the code.

Hacker always try to make you fool, asking you to reply their spam mail in order to get full access about your account information. Sometime they are claiming  to be as an department’s officer by requesting you an information message.

  • You receive an email that claims to be from your bank, directing you to a fake bank website and asking you to fill in your password.
  • You receive a message on Facebook or any other social website from a user that claims to be an official Facebook account, asking you to send your password to authenticate yourself.
  • You visit a website that promises to give you something valuable, such as free games on Steam or free gold in World of Warcraft. To get this fake reward, the website requires your username and password for the service.

Be careful about who you give your password too — don’t click links in emails and go to your bank’s website, don’t give away your password to anyone who contacts you and requests it, and don’t give your account credentials to untrustworthy websites, especially ones that seem too good to be true

You are surprising to know that Google are sponsor the reward amount $100k  to those hacker who can crack down the Google Chrome security issue. This is real if it is one of you can hack the Google Chrome security.

If you are good in hacker you can try hacking the Google Chrome. Many other companies offer a rewards to the hacker, if they can hack the system openly. Cyber Security Forces department offer a jobs for those who can crack the system and report the event. It is interesting right? Try it you may be one of them.


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