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Why Potassium Per-Maganate Burns With Glacerol/Glacerin?

You will enjoy making fun of it doing experimental at schools as a practical work.

Just do it!

First of all set the watch glass or bowl on the cork base, and have the blast shield in front of it. Use the Cup to put a small pile of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) in the middle of the dish, and make a small indentation in the center of the pile.

What is KMnO4 ? Introduce redox reactions.

Did you know for ideas on what they think will happen when you add the glycerin/glycerol to the bowl?

KMnO4 is the chemicals substances which derive from the combination of Potassium(K) and Manganese(Mn) in the present of atmospheric Oxide(O).

Put a small drop of the glycerin/glycerol into the dish, in an indentation of the pile. Immediately go into the following explanation:

When KMnO4 mixes with glycerin/glycerol, a redox reaction starts. This reaction starts out really slow, but produces a lot of heat, so it will start to speed up bit by bit. As the KMnO4 oxidizes the sugar, it will speed up more and more until it finally starts to smoke, and after that it will ignite burning.

The reaction takes 10-15 seconds to ignite, depending on outside temperature and the temperature of the glycerin/glycerol. If timed carefully, the reaction will start smoking when you say “until it finally starts to smoke”, and then ignite 1-2 seconds later! Continue reading Why Potassium Per-Maganate Burns With Glacerol/Glacerin?