Hi !!

Hi my name is Shri. Daiohiphi Lapasam, you can called me “Yoofi” as a nickname Yeah!!  “Yoofi”….. its me who teach you online through my web post and make you inspired about the important, power of technique studies and for your better knowledge.

I am 23 yrs old, I was BSc drop-out student from Shillong. Later I decided myself to be a blogger in the backbone of my knowledge in the field of Science since 2015 as my career. Before doing this job I haven’t know anything about blogging , one of my friend asked me to buy a domain name www.lajong.com from Godaddy, later he designed me a simple website by his technique. Which inspired me out to the knowledge of the power of an internet, and lead me to starts my first blogging technic.

This is Lajong groups who brought to you the ideas and knowledge. It leads you to come inside an imaginary  thought behind your studies.