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This Is How You Do During Your Examination At Last Moment.

This is how you do before your exam.

Some students may not aware about the time running so fast until the last moment rushing out their studying before examination

This was the most things that makes students faces difficulties and nervous while they are supposing to prepared their examination, because they are busy some how for their another works. That makes them no regular time to maintained, studying properly before examination is coming.

Any way don’t be so tension there are so many ways for you to prepare your examination even though in the short time I can say.

If you are poor financial background you might need to help your parents so far for their field works. Even though you can succeed by just managing your time in 4 hours a day to concentrate in your study that’s it.

Here are few steps you can follow, but make sure you are not afraid of anything, Ok!

  • Collects some old question papers, make sure you practice it every day and fixed your time zone at least 3 hours with full concentration at the time.
  • Chose some important question from all those previous question papers and list it down in your notebook, solve some problems and practice it regularly.
  • Wake up early morning and start your reading. You know morning time is the good time for you to memorize all your reading stuff.
  • Make sure after your reading part was over, start practicing  your writing section about what you have done reading for. This way will help you to boost up your mood of interesting and make you memorizing at the same time.
  • Try to solve all the questions given in the question paper by means of practicing  with fixed time of 3 hours. Do it two to three-time.
  • That was how it leads you to feel free and frank before you going to attend, the all type of examination even in such a short-term preparation.
  • The most thing you have to do is practicing and writing. This help to improve your hand writing and your writing skill, also it improved your mind to emerge you the ideas how to answer the question immediately.

Tips to do when you are at Examination Hall.

Most of the questions paper are arrange in a section wise example Section A,B,C,D. Which has divided at different  Marks with different Section.

Also you should have read the instruction as well before you answer the question. So you have to choose the section which is more easiest or answerable one for you, so that you could write well better at the first page of your answer sheet.

Why did I Said That?

Because most of the examiner they are in a hurry to correct the paper. They don’t have much time to read each and every point, you are mentioned in the answer sheet. They just look the way you wrote in the paper at the very first page, the rest they just reads thoroughly and consider a step marks.

That’s why its important for you to maintained neat and clean as well as you should attempt the most easiest and answerable one for you at the first page of your answer sheets.

You should keep in mind that all the question you will answer should have reach the maximum words and necessarily with according to the marks given in the question. Neither less nor so long.

Some times mention some good points on your answer sheet which related to the question given for you. This might boost you to get full marks.

Try to attempt all the question answer given in your question paper. Because some how even if you could not answer correctly but you may get some  steps mark from it. Such that you would not lose even a small marks in each question answer.

Used your skill of writing. Sometime skill/trick of your writing make the examiner to do interesting to check or to read your answer sheet also he/she might give you even full marks.

Some time reading is not much important for you to spend time because if you are not a high memory person you couldn’t even remember all the things you have read previously. It is better for you to spend more time in practicing, writing and managing. This will help you more settle for your studies.

Why Potassium Per-Maganate Burns With Glacerol/Glacerin?

You will enjoy making fun of it doing experimental at schools as a practical work.

Just do it!

First of all set the watch glass or bowl on the cork base, and have the blast shield in front of it. Use the Cup to put a small pile of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) in the middle of the dish, and make a small indentation in the center of the pile.

What is KMnO4 ? Introduce redox reactions.

Did you know for ideas on what they think will happen when you add the glycerin/glycerol to the bowl?

KMnO4 is the chemicals substances which derive from the combination of Potassium(K) and Manganese(Mn) in the present of atmospheric Oxide(O).

Put a small drop of the glycerin/glycerol into the dish, in an indentation of the pile. Immediately go into the following explanation:

When KMnO4 mixes with glycerin/glycerol, a redox reaction starts. This reaction starts out really slow, but produces a lot of heat, so it will start to speed up bit by bit. As the KMnO4 oxidizes the sugar, it will speed up more and more until it finally starts to smoke, and after that it will ignite burning.

The reaction takes 10-15 seconds to ignite, depending on outside temperature and the temperature of the glycerin/glycerol. If timed carefully, the reaction will start smoking when you say “until it finally starts to smoke”, and then ignite 1-2 seconds later!

You might have ask if they can guess why it starts ignite slowly?

You can draw a reaction equation on a whiteboard, and point out the large amount of KMnO4 needed to start the reaction.

Reduction-Oxidation Reactions, or Redox Reactions, are reactions that involve a transfer of electrons(e). Oxidizers such as Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) take electrons, while Reducers such as Glycerin and Glycerol giving electrons. When electrons are transferred between the reactants, it is usually by the transfer of oxygen atoms. This means that our glycerin/glycerol is Oxidized, or our KMnO4 is Reduced.

Then one can see it as glycerin would receive oxygen atoms from the KMnO4. The KMnO4 is then “reduced”, losing oxygen atoms, while the glycerin is “oxidized” or gains oxygen atoms.

The reaction between KMnO4 and Glycerin goes as follows:

14 KMnO4 + 3 C3H8O3 ⇒ 14 MnO2 + 7 K2CO3 + 2 CO2 + 12 H2O

This reaction requires a large amount of KMnO4 for it to progress. This is part of why the Rate of Reaction, or time it takes a reaction to complete, is slow for this particular reaction. The rate of reaction can be affected by a large number of factors, such as the temperature, the amount of each reactant, and how well the reactants are mixed. This is explored with the two methods of presenting this demonstration.

In the Primary Method, we rely on the slow rate of the reaction to get the dramatic effect for the presentation. The glycerin is poured onto the KMnO4 powder, and they start to react. However, it takes time for it to react, since the glycerin absorbs much of the heat generated. The reaction creates a lot of heat, which is why it ultimately results in a bright flash of sparks. But it takes time for it to create the heat, and so the presenter has time to provide an explanation of the steps in the reaction. Once it starts to smoke, the smoke helps to carry away the produced water vapors and carbon dioxide, as well as any waste carbon produced in the burning of glycerin.

Then, when it ignites, the whole pile will react quickly, having a large amount of extra heat to push the reaction along.

In the Alternative Method, we are showcasing how the mixing of the reactants affects the rate of reaction. One of the watch glasses has the reactants in direct contact, while the other has the reactants next to each other. As is expected, the reactants that are in direct contact will ignite much faster than the ones which are not.

The physical chemistry of a reaction is important when it comes to the reaction’s pace, and if the reactants are never mixed, they will have no reason to react, and it may not burn as a whole process.

Try it by yourself hope you will find the best proof of your understanding.