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Important Uses Of Pythagoras Theorem In Nature.

Important uses of Pythagoras Theorem in Nature

Pythagoras Theorem is one of the useful geometrics in the history of mathematics and physics. Which is name after the famous Mathematician in ancient period “Pythagoras”

It was invented as known by the Pythagoras since 1st century 543 B.C , now it is used by many physicists and mathematicians in measurement of a vast distances.

The theorem stated that: in every right triangle the sum of the square of the two sides (base and perpendicular) are always equal to the square of the third side (hypotenuse) of the given triangle.

c^2 = a^2 + b^2

It is used by some Mathematician which it leads them to the invention of trigonometry to measure the distance of the Planets, Stars etc.

By the used of this theorem in 425 B.C, Aryabhata studies the ratio of these three sides of the Theorem and arrange it in such a way that it links with the angle between the arms of the hypotenuse and the base of the right triangle. During his studies about the moving of the planets in the Orbit.

Here are some ratio of trigonometry of right triangle with angle A and its sides are hypotenuse h, base b, perpendicular given below.

  1. p/h = sin (A)
  2. b/h = cos (A)
  3. p/b = tan (A)
  4. h/p = cosec (A)
  5. h/b = sec (A)
  6. b/p = cot (A)

Later F.J.H Wollaston invented Hypsometer which is base in the trigonometry the instrument used to measure the height of the tower and the distance from the observer.

What is Hypsometer?

A simple scale hypsometer allows the height of  a building or thees to be measured by sighting across a ruler to the base and top of the object being measured, when the distance from the object to the observer is being known. Continue reading Important Uses Of Pythagoras Theorem In Nature.